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Buttocks Muscle Trainer

Buttocks Muscle Trainer

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Tired of grueling workouts in the gym? Then you need this device!

This Buttocks Muscle Trainer is super light, ultra thin, wearable and convenient to carry.The  Lifting Machine can be worn unobtrusively under your clothes, making it ideal for muscle training while you are doing something else, like working, watching movie or doing housework!


There are 6 modes and 10 intensity optional to help fat burning and muscle growing. All you need to do is to fit the butt enhancer pad to your body and select a mode and intensity you desired, then just let the machine to help you do the workout.

Ergonomic pad design enables great adhesiveness to the hip!

  • Trainer will do the work for you while you while you watch TV or relax. This device has shown positive results to improve and sculpt not only your butt, but also your thighs. Works to relieve muscle pain, just like an electric massage causing muscles to rhythmically contract and relax.
  • Trainer can help you tone, tighten and firm your hips and buttocks that you've always wanted!

The Buttocks Muscle Trainer is capable of improving the curve of your hip to create an attractive figure. Using EMS technology, it can effectively exercise and massage the buttocks muscles to achieve muscle strengthening. The new U-shaped pad design,  helps tighten the support line of the massage. Safe and non-toxic gel pad, which is tasteless, anti-allergic and durable.

Keep your buttocks in shape even without the opportunity to exercise in the gym!

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